Brief overview
of our business activities

We hold investments and operate businsses across different industry sectors.
Our strongpoint lies in combining capital and team, with focus on fast growing industries.

Manufacturing & Distribution

We are active in the office supplies and biodegradable compostable food packaging market with strong warehousing and distribution capabilities.

Tech & Algorighms

Each of our businesses benefits from proprietary AI, Analytics and Algorithms


We are an investor in pharmacutical products (specials).

Real Estate Developments

We are real estate investors, developers and asset managers.


Is nothing without execution

Our group is well capitalised and ready to engage swiftly in acquisitions, seed, Series A investments and joint ventures.

  1. London

    22-23 Arcadia Avenue
    Finchley Central
    London N3 2JU
    United Kingdom

  2. Oxford

    14 Kings Meadow
    Ferry Hinksey Road
    Oxford OX2 0DP
    United Kingdom

  3. Contacts

    Switchboard: +44 (0)1865 728090
    Management: +44 (0)203 9684990
    Fax: +44 (0)1865 727564